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We build product and service that move the soul. — deliver best user experience strategy to your innovation.

Our enthusiasm on product design formed 1009Design. Prior to the establishment, our team member was involved in product design. What we present is making hardware more interesting elements -- the software interaction design. We ever built portable audio playback device (DLink) and flight entertainment system. Until Internet era, we extended our service to internet and designed abut: Internet phone service, audio player website and image hosting website. Our philosophy is “usability, simplicity, and community”, and leading to result oriented is important concept we express.

100 Design is a professional design team, established to serve people by developing various service and product. Every member of 1009Design is an apart of design thinking, everyone share their opinions and shape it better for usability. We especially listen to your idea; love to build a close collaboration with you. Seriously in foundation of value in user, we like to co-create the best design to give user best feeling of design. Stand top of trend, we highly concern about the latest technology and marketing, care about communication with you and your customer. All our works are well process under our cherish, our goal is bring a extraordinary experience to people when we make every idea come true.

What we present: Design+Strategy

Collaborate with our clients to turn any idea possible into useful products. Connect human needs with maker skills to bring successful business. Take great usability with good design to solve problems and create smile makes world better.

Why 1009Design

We are an excellent team that design, construct, and management our products. We know how to put humanity back into business, integrate right resources to product creator. Our management and execution provide the most professional direction and suggestion for your business module. Moreover, we experienced big-scale project and ERP developments, excels at realizing ideas to executions. You will see our efficiency on cross team cooperation.