We Specialize In

  • UI/UX Design (Web/Apps)

  • Visual Design

  • Web Development

  • Customize Marketing / Product Strategy

  • Customize Product Specification

  • Project Management


  1. 1Web Application Design
  2. 2Website Design
  3. 3Web Development
  4. 4Mobile Apps Design
  5. 5CMS Module Design
  6. 6工作坊

Our team is very good at Web 2.0 application development that emphasis highly interaction between web services and human being.

Our products won RedDot and IF awards. We used to co-operate with company in Silicon Valley in different projects like e-commerce website, VOIP and IPTV project. Cloud platform is also used in our project execution. We emphasize both design and usability in every project.

If you have any idea, based on our experiences, we will create a new web application with you.

Welcome to contact us and share your ideas with us.

In our opinion, image and product websites are used to express the company’s image and it must be visual oriented. We wish to convey company’s value through visual experience and user interaction in order to attract public users.

With web application, image and product design experience, we are able to design highly interactive elements using Flash / Javascript / Ajax. We pay much attention to member mechanism design, connection with social network(e.g., Facebook, Twitter), Search engine optimization (SEO), shopping cart, and conversion rate.

Website that we designed focus on the interaction between people and company, not just an area to place the information.

We have a professional User Experience Design team that has been involved in UI design for a decade. We are very proud of our team’s UI/UX Design experience.

Our user interface design experience was started from hardware UI design. We also experienced Web 2.0 UI Design and iphone/ipad UI design. We have an insight into users and application’s interaction trend. UI Design is very useful to help reduce customer services, and increase user satisfaction and conversion rate.

Our service include Usability test, UI Design counseling, User Experience and Interface Design, Interactive Design, and User Interface enhancement.

With our experience, we wish to produce more good products and design. We also set up training courses for UI/UX design.

Mobile applications (iPhone Apps / Android Apps / iPad Apps) are essential elements in cloud service. We are now focus on Three Screen and the Clouds application development.

When we develop a service, only a database and a management platform are needed, but at the same time we will create web, mobile and ipad version for the service. We believe that a good application will allow users access information anywhere anytime. Services should connect with people anywhere, anytime, on any platform.

User interface design is very important. Our User Experience Design team will provide recommendations to the customers. Different devices need different scenario, different UI/UX, different operation mode, and also the amount of data needs is different.

Technically, we use a lot of HTML5 an CSS3 to support the mobile devices. Besides, we also develop javascript component that support finger gesture. Symphony CMS has optimized mobile apps development. Thus, Symphony CMS is our best choice for mobile apps development.

Apps popular in the era of mobile phones, welcome to discuss with us an interesting application, we will provide comprehensive consulting and engineering assistance.

Symphony CMS is a well-known open source web management software.

A good web management system enable the administrators change the information and pictures easily.

1009design team is a sophisticated Symphony CMS development team. Projects develop using Symphony CMS Limited helps building a dynamic management website very fast and very easy.

1009 Design agree with Symphony CMS design concept -- easy, open source, flexible, and modular. We are also Symphony CMS’s Taiwan promotion team and long term supporter.

We can do group workshop & customized training. By passing on our courses & activities, you can figure out a complex problem in a easy inspiration of creation. You can always find just right solution in our workshop programs, which are designed to help you think in a new way.